Tunney's public response

Thirty-six hours after a gun battle bigger than the OK Coral broke out in his ward, Alderman Tunney finally issued a statement via his Facebook page and email

On Sunday December 13th, at 3:05 am, a shooting occurred on the 1100 block of West Patterson Avenue. The incident occurred outside of a house party taking place on the block. Two Police Officers heard gunshots while conducting a traffic stop. They observed two male offenders who were armed running towards them. Both officers discharged their weapons one time. These offenders dropped their weapons and fled. Both weapons were recovered on scene. No injuries were initially reported. However, a 26 year old male was treated at St. Francis hospital for a gunshot wound to his upper back which he disclosed he received near Racine and Patterson. Police apprehended 19 year old Ralph Banks from Evanston. A .40 caliber handgun was recovered from the suspect. He is set to appear in court today, being charged with one felony count of Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm.

I have been in constant contact with Commander Cesario and the 19th Police District as they are gathering more information on the shooting. The owner of the building is also being contacted to discuss the party where this event took place. I believe this was an isolated incident and clearly not a normal occurrence for our neighborhood.  I will continue to update neighbors as we learn more.

This reads more like a press release than a display of concern by an elected official. (I agree with his compliments to the CPD, though; they were excellent throughout).

Where's the outrage? "Clearly not a normal occurrence for our neighborhood"? That's all he can muster? There was no condemnation of the event; no acknowledgment of the impact it had on his constituents; no statement that a gun battle involving 86 shots was far beyond 'not a normal occurrence for our neighborhood?'

Ald. Tunney either does not understand that he has residents who actually live in his ward, or he doesn't care.