Update - A response from Ald. Tunney's office

After complaints to the media, I finally got a response from Bennett Lawson, Ald. Tunney's chief of staff ( a good public servant). It's copied in its entirety below.

It does not address any off my concerns regarding TBOX. I have asked for an in-person meeting with the Alderman. We'll see if that happens.



Alderman Tunney  has been in constant contact with Commander Cesario and the 19th Police District, they are gathering more information on the shooting that occurred at Racine and Patterson early on Sunday Morning. Police rapidly responded to the occurrence after the first shot was fired. The owner of the building is being contacted to discuss the party where this event took place. Alderman Tunney believes this was an isolated incident and clearly not a normal occurrence for our neighborhood and we will continue to update neighbors as we learn more.

Bennett Lawson

Chief of Staff to Alderman Tunney