Charlie visits the cockpit of an A321

Probably the highlight of Charlie's 8 1/2 years of life occurred Sunday night 1/31 as we were getting off of American Flight 743 from Philly to Chicago. Charlie was invited into the cockpit by the pilot and copilot as we were deplaning and got a 20-30 minute personal tour! The wonderful flight crew answered every question an aviation-obsessed little boy had and let him manipulate some of the flight controls. He walked off that plane the happiest kid in the world. Thank you to the great Phoenix-based flight crew who took the time to thrill our little guy.

Charlie wanted ALL the pictures from his trip posted, so see below. Most of the photos were taken by Charlie, who admits his hands were shaking because he was so excited!

(Maggie, too, joined in the fun but wasn't photographed by her brother. No standoffs here!)