Orange Bowl Logistics for CYC Opti Team 2015

Dear Orange Bowl Parents

I hope you all are excited about going to the Orange Bowl, which is just over a month away! For some of us, this is a second trip, but for many, it's a first. I wanted to try to coordinate some logistics for everyone.  Please feel free to reach out to Bobby, Augi or me with any questions on any of this below.  This is long, but please take the time to read it now. It will save a lot of work down the road.


#Spectator Boat

CYC is sending down one of its center console boats, Kay Baxter, which we can use as a spectator boat.  The club is charging us, I believe $800, for the use of the boat during the trip. We will split this by family for any that take advantage of it.  Tom Barnard and I are certified to drive the boat, and its capacity is 7 people.  We'll shuttle in and out on all days that the kids sail and the weather is decent so everyone gets a chance to watch for a while. We will accomodate extended families and friends if possible, but priority will go to sailors parents and siblings.  If you think you'd like to go out to watch, please email me no later than December 1 so we can get an estimate of how many are interested. Also, **you must bring US Coast Guard PFDs for any and all that want to go on the boat**.  The boat has a couple of cheapo-adult PFDs on board and none for kids, and it is a new CYC Junior Sailing Program Policy that all on CYC boats will be wearing PFDs at all times at junior sailing events. We make the kids wear them, so we need to set the right example. Please bring sufficient PFDs for all that want to ride, and they must be USCG approved (sorry, Alex, the beloved Whale Water Wings will not count). We will have to deny you permission to ride if you don't come with a PFD.


#Team Shirts

Last year, we coordinated an order of tech t-shirts for the kids so they had a team shirt.  I'd like to do this again and hope all will participate. I'll coordinate and pay for the order and you can reimburse me. I will bring the shirts down to Florida. **Please email me the following by November 28:**

- Your sailor's shirt size

- Their name as they'd like it to appear on the back of their shirt

- Their favorite 2-digit number

I really hope all kids on our team can order shirts and we'll look very sharp down there!\


#Team Dinner

We are going to try to coordinate a team dinner with the CYC 420 sailors who are at Orange Bowl. We'll find some restaurant that can accomodate our whole group. We are targeting December 26 for our dinner.  **Please email me no later than December 1 with a number of adults and a number of kids that would attend that dinner, so I can get a sense of scope.**



Just like any other regatta, we need parent help each and every day to both get the sailors ready to go and to help recover them at the end of the day. **The programs's expectation is that each sailor will have at least one able-bodied adult there until the kids launch and at least one able-bodied adult standing by waiting to help when the sailors come back in.** More helpers are better! This is a 300+ boat regatta and is very challenging logistically - this is not one where we can 'team up' or come to help but be supervising other siblings or the like; it's just too crazy.

Likewise, with 300+ boats and hundreds of people from around the world, stuff gets lost easily. *We strongly recommend that every single piece of gear you have that you own be labled with your sailor's name and "Chicago Yacht Club" or "Chicago".*  There are lots of 'CYC's around the world, so putting that isn't terribly helpful. Putting a cell phone number on your stuff also would be prudent.

We will set up a GroupMe group chat, like normal. **Please email me no later than 12/15 with a list of all mobile phone numbers you'd like on the list.** It's a royal pain to add them during the regatta, so I'd really appreciate it if you would get me that info before then.

For those of you who haven't been to Coral Reef before, they are a great host. If you are a member of CYC or another yacht club with which they have reciprocal privileges, you can establish a guest charge account up on arrival. They have one of the best yacht club pools anywhere and a fantastic bar.  The sailing venue is some distance offshore, so you will not be able to watch from the land.



Coral Reef's website has all sorts of information, including the rough schedule:

Our coaches will get back to us with morning report times, but remember that the end of the day is flexible - it depends on wind and weather and many things beyond the control of our coaches.


#In summary

Orange Bowl is a fantastic experience. A bit of advice I got from a friend (our now Vice-Commodore) is that your kid should bring a notebook and pencil, meet a couple of kids from around the world, and get their email addresses so they can become pen pals. It's a great idea and your sailor will soon have friends all over the world. 

If you have any questions, reach out to the Gallaghers, Barnards, Prendergasts - we're happy to help!


I will post the text of this to our family website,





**Key Deadlines**


November 28 - Shirt order information

December 1 - Team dinner - # of adults and kids

December 1 - Spectator boat - # of parents and siblings who might want to watch

December 15 - Phone Numbers for GroupMe list